VAT Refunds


Vat Solution S.r.l., a company of the England Tir Group, thanks to its highly skilled team in administration and financial matters, in direct contact with the various Inland Revenue Services within the European Union, is able to offer global consulting services and comprehensive assistance in respect of international VAT issues.


More specifically, the company manages all the files necessary to recover VAT and gasoil excise duties (TIPP in France/excise in Italy/IVMDH tax in Spain/excise in Belgium and Slovenia) on behalf of customers with headquarters in EU countries where such refunds can be claimed.


This procedure is very useful for companies that have arranged trips abroad to participate in very expensive trade fairs, conferences, exhibitions, meetings. The VAT cost share can be cashed in full, instead of being deducted from the company income as a cost, involving a tax saving equal to the income tax rate.


On our portal you will find the updated ordinary and reduced rates in EU and non-EU countries.


• Ordinary rates *:
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• Reduced rates:
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* Data source:
European Union website; for more details we suggest you refer to the following link in the EU website: