With England Tir Group you can travel on the major European motorway networks using post-payment, with access to discounts and compensated reductions stipulated respectively by the individual companies providing the service and by the regulations in force, also with the advantage of simplified administrative and control management.

More specifically, we are ready to support you in managing the new French Ecotaxe as efficiently as possible, also thanks to the new on-board units which are essential for the new electronic toll system.





French and Spanish motorways: the Ecotaxe details

  • Ecotaxe: What is it?

    Introduced in France to safeguard the environment and promote sustainable development, the Ecotaxe, also known as TPLN (Taxe Poids Lourds Nationale, national tax on heavy-duty vehicles), is an eco-friendly mileage based taxation system which concerns all vehicles used to transport goods, both French and foreign, weighing over 3.5 tons travelling along the national and department expressway network which used to be free of charge, as defined by decree 2011-910 of 27 July 2011. The Ecotaxe is not levied on vehicles used:

           - to transport essential services of public interest

           - to transport agricultural goods

           - for public and people transport

           - by the military

  • The network subject to the Ecotaxe

    The Ecotaxe will be levied on a road network of about 15,000 km: about 10,000 km of main roads and about 5,000 km of heavy-duty secondary roads.

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  • The subjects

    - Sets the regulatory and fiscal framework
    - Drafts the terms and conditions for the project
    - Keeps a check on fines (customs)
    - Enables electronic toll system companies
    (Sociétés Habilitées de Télépeéage - SHT)


    - The company in charge of managing the Ecotaxe
    - Enters agreements with the SHT
    - Manages relations with non-subscribers

    (Société Habilitée de Télépeéage - SHT)

    - Certified and approved on-board unit
    - Guaranteed payments
    - Vehicle geo-localisation management
    - Subscribing taxpayer management


    - Collects the documents from taxpayers
    - Activates contracts and requests on-board units
    - Manages blocking and repealing
    - Manages tax payments

    3,5 T VEHICLE

    - On-board unit installed
    - Gives proxy to the service company or to SHT
    - Pays the tax amount


  • When does it come into force?

    Starting from 1 July 2013 there will be a national testing phase.

    As of 1 October 2013, the Ecotaxe will be in force throughout the French taxed network.

  • How much does it cost?

    The calculation is based on the length of the charging section associated with the charging point from which the vehicle passed.

    The taxable network is divided into sections with an average length of 4-5 km; each charging section is associated with a charging point.

    Each time you cross the charging point, the system starts calculating the tax for the whole reference section.

    The toll payment is free-flow, without gates, through a GPS system; therefore it is mandatory to have a satellite unit fitted on board the vehicle.


    The amount also varied depending on the technical features of the heavy duty vehicles (number of axes, euro class, total authorized fully-loaded weight).


    CLASS 1: 2 axes up to 12 ton
    CLASS 2: 2 axes over 12 ton and 3-year heavy duty vehicles
    CLASS 3: more than 3 axes



  • Discounts/reductions

    The percentage discount granted to subscribing taxpayers will be defined by a ministerial decree; as soon as it is available we will publish it.

    Check the websites of dealer for more details /details


  • How to pay

    The taxpayer

    The taxpayer (redevable) is responsible for paying the Ecotaxe for a vehicle used for goods transport.

    If the company owns, leases or has been the beneficiary (using the rented good) or sub-lessee of the vehicles for over three years, the company is the taxpayer.

    If the company does not meet any of the requirements above, the taxpayer is the subject which makes the vehicle available.



    The taxpayers shall register the vehicle which is subject to the tax, providing their data and those of the vehicle to the manager of the Ecotaxe, Ecomouv' (through service companies such as England Tir or SHT if they have a subscription, or directly to Ecomouv' if they do not have a subscription.

    In this phase the taxpayer also chooses the addressee of any notices related to the calculation elements and to the amount of tax due.


    On-board unit

    The taxpayer is responsible for the correct installation and operation of the electronic satellite on-board device which allows for payment of the Ecotaxe.

    Each vehicle can have only one unit on-board, which needs to be correctly set up to determine the class of the vehicle.

    It is not necessary to apply to a specialised workshop.

    The device runs on electricity and therefore has to be connected to the cigarette lighter or to the vehicle’s power circuit.

    The device provided by England Tir is inter-manageable and includes, apart from the Ecotaxe, the toll payments for motorways in France and Spain, as well as for the Liefkenshoek tunnel in Belgium.

    If the device is lost, stolen, breaks down or does not work properly, the taxpayer should notify England Tir as soon as possible to get a new one and to avoid being considered in default.

  • Subscribers and non-subscribers

    Have to install a permanent on-board unit

    Do not have a permanent on-board unit.
    For an on-board unit to be issued, they need to register with a distribution point and pay a deposit

    The England Tir on-board unit is valid for the whole network: Ecotaxe + French motorways +  Liefkenshoek tunnel (Belgium) + Spanish motorways

    The on-board unit is valid only for the Ecotaxe network

    Pay the Ecotaxe through the invoice issued by the service company in charge or by SHT

    Pay the Ecotaxe in advance, through a deposit from which the tax amount is deducted when the road network is used

    Have a 10% discount on the Ecotaxe


    Have additional services: TIS-PL, foreign networks, geo-localization, fast-track service in the event of device malfunctioning

    At the end of the route, the driver returns the on-board unit to a distribution point where the deposit is returned and the account balance reported

    The advantages of subscribing
    More assistance from your operator
    Easier management of the Ecotaxe and of transports in France, Belgium and Spain
    Access to discounts
    No guarantee deposit
    No advance payment


  • Checks and penalties

    The French government, through Ecomouv’, makes sure that the legal obligations related to the Ecotaxe are complied with through customs and fixed or movable control devices.
    Failure to comply consists in an irregularity aimed at avoiding payment of the tax or at jeopardising its collection: e.g. the on-board unit is off, the number of axes configured in the device and the number of axes measured do not match.
    The taxpayer in default receives from Ecomouv’ a notice of non-compliance including the amounts to be paid in respect of the tax evaded (which is doubled in case of repeated failure) and to the fine.