About us

1982 – England Tir is established, the first company in the Group. Its founders, following the market trends in the road transport industry, travelling more and more often to the United Kingdom, started buying and reselling tickets for Channel crossings.

A few years later, the company shifted to other navigation routes and started selling tickets from other companies for other European areas (Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, etc.). It also started distributing motorway tolls in Italy and the rest of Europe.

2003 – The company continues to grow by managing motorway traffic in Italy to the point of creating an ad-hoc syndicate: CON.TIR. The on-going search for new services and partners makes it possible for the group to respond in a more and more effective way to customer requests on an international scale.

2005 – The Eurotunnel approves the Group as official authorised distributor for the Channel Tunnel tickets to Italy, Greece , Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Cyprus, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, by virtue of the turnover reached across the Channel. A success which coincides with the establishment of a new company: D.E.S. SRL Unipersonale.



2007 - The Group inaugurates a new service area through VAT SOLUTION, offering global consulting services as regards international VAT issues and refunds, thus meeting an increasingly frequent demand from its customers.

2012 - The range of services is completed by fuel sales, through Groupcards distributed to the newly-established PR. SRL. The England Tir Group today is able to guarantee a comprehensive response to any requirement in the transport industry, for customers of any size and nationality.